About Us

Our Vision

To empower each child to be self-motivated, independent, and life-long learners.

Our Mission

1. To inspire children reveal their innate love for learning through enlightening, nurturing and world class Montessori environment, specialized teachers, and materials.
2. To offer a strong and engaging curriculum based on the Montessori Philosophy fostering self-esteem, independence, empathy and social consciousness and prepare our children to thrive in a complex world.

Our Campus

Where children experience “freedom” and “liberty” to learn, engage, relate to the real world!

Sparkle Montessori School follows the Natural Learning method: The Montessori Method. The school is carefully designed to be a safe environment for a child to independently discover their passion to learn and play. The environment aids the child to move freely, exercising their freedom to bring themselves into contact with the things and people in their environment, which is very vital for their development.

Highlights of the school

  • Specially designed Montessori environment
  • Fully equipped Montessori classrooms
  • Hand-picked Montessori materials – key for child’s development
  • Open-air classrooms with plants
  • Multimedia resources
  • Child level washrooms
  • Spacious play area
  • Well-trained teachers
  • Appropriate child to teacher ratio
  • Regular health/medical check-ups
  • High Security campus – CCTV monitored, security

Our Staffs


Santhanalakshmi N


"Santhu drives the strategic vision and manages Sparkle Montessori. Before this, she was working as a Manager in the healthcare consulting space with an IT giant for more than a decade. Being a mother of a 3 year old, she aspires to provide the best for a child in every possible way. She spends time to discover new and creative ways to engage her child and is now passionate to do that through Sparkle Montessori creating a difference in child care & education"



Montessori Teacher


Montessori Teacher